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Dentures are a topic most dentists know is surrounded by a colorful collection of myths. But here at Red Bird Family Dental, we want you to know the facts that really don’t make dentures all that bad.

So what are dentures? Dentures essentially are replacements for missing teeth. They can be taken out and put back into your mouth quickly. Today, there are three different types of dentures that your dentist will present you with, depending on what your mouth requires.

• Conventional Full Denture – This denture is placed in your mouth after all of your remaining teeth have been removed and after all tissue has been healed. It takes a few months for your mouth to fully heal and during this time you are without teeth.

• Immediate Full Denture – The immediate full denture is placed immediately after the remaining teeth are removed. These can give the assurance of having teeth when you leave the dentist office but also means your dentures will need to be relined after a few months.

• Partial Denture – This denture rests on a metal frame that attaches to your remaining natural teeth to fill in any missing teeth.

Dentures also aren’t just for the elderly, there are many who are younger that require dentures. With a proper fit and adequate cleaning on your part, you can have the assurance knowing you have a beautiful smile.

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