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Getting your kids to visit and enjoy the dentist can be a difficult task for any parent to accomplish. Don’t worry parents. Our team is going to give you some helpful ways you can help your child enjoy their trips to the dentist now and in the future.

Parents, always stay positive

As a parent it can be difficult to stay positive and not worry when your child is crying or screaming in the dentist’s chair. Before taking your child to their next appointment, explain what will happen at the dentist in a way that will be simple and easy for them to understand. Avoid words that may scare them. And more importantly, keep a positive attitude during their appointment.

Start young

When you child initially begin their visits to the dentist, you are providing them a ‘dental home’, where all of their dental needs can be taken care of. When they begin to see the dentist as a safe place, their fear tends to go away. It’s recommended to start bringing your child into the dentist around the age of one or when their first tooth is visible.

Expect the unexpected

If your child is new to the dentist, don’t be too alarmed to see them cry or whine a little. It’s normal for younger children to be scared at first. Remember that our staff is used to kids having similar tantrums. Often times when your child is fussy, we will ask you to come back and hold their hand during their procedure.

After your child has regular dental cleanings, remind them healthy teeth make for happy kids. Show them the importance of brushing their teeth twice a day as well as flossing daily. Give our office a call today by calling 713-631-3703 to set up your child’s dentist appointment.