Is it time to align your crooked, uneven teeth? If so, Dr. Joon Kim, Dr. Ji Han, and Dr. Whan Im are proud to help you with orthodontics in Houston, Texas!

What will orthodontics do for me?

The orthodontic process includes a treatment that will gradually shift your teeth throughout time to place your teeth in their proper positions. By the time the treatment is over, you will have a radiant and gorgeous smile! This is a great option for both adults and teenagers, and we invite you to come into Red Bird Family Dental if you are interested. During this meeting, your dentist will thoroughly evaluate your oral cavity and decide if this is a treatment that will give you your desired results. If it will indeed be successful for your specific situation, we will get you started on the orthodontic treatment right away.

What appliances will be used throughout the orthodontic process?

We currently offer braces at our office, which are metal appliances that apply pressure to your teeth to gradually move them throughout time. We will glue metal brackets to the surfaces of your teeth, and then we will connect those brackets with metal wires. These products will apply pressure to your teeth and will gradually transform your smile into the smile you have always wanted.

To learn more about braces, call our office now!